Solar Street Lights and LED lights

Purizon Energy's Solar Street lights (SSL) are one of the most cost effective and energy efficient systems. Each System comes with highly efficient solar panel, high output LED luminary and other components that are needed for a complete, hassle free operation independent of grid Supply.



- High efficiency solar modules in SSL's ensure optimum throughput.

- Totally stand- alone and off-grid system energized from everlasting Sun source.

- Specially engineered LED light fixtures to provide high color rendition and uniform illumination for extra clarity and brightness.

- The systems are designed for a minimum of 12 hrs operation (dusk to dawn) with two days autonomy.

- Aesthetic appearance with hidden back end systems

- Long-lasting performance with negligible maintenance.

- Life-span four to five times more than the conventional lighting system.

- Dedicated faceted optics to optimize beam control & maximize light output


World class design and manufacturing facility and install intelligent LED lightning System. Our team provides customized LED solutions to your unique need.

- Smart lights

- Indoor/outdoor lighting

- Industrial lights

- Solar Lightings

- Customizes lightings