Mini/Micro Grids

Designed for use in remote areas and villages with no grid connectivity or islands, Purizon Energy's micro/mini grid solutions manages the generation, storage, and usage of solar power along with intelligent control of load with latest software and infrastructure. Composed of solar modules, a battery bank, and hybrid inverter, the mini-grid system can offer solar power as the primary power source and switch to alternative power sources when solar power is insufficient for meeting demand. A mini-grid system reduces reliance on public energy grids or diesel, and creates an eco-friendly energy reserve that can be utilized for residential use or as an emergency support system.



- Grid-independence

- Wide range of applications

- Centralized maintenance and control

- Pre-paid and smart meter facilities

- Reliable and secure energy source

- Customized system designing

- Low operations and maintenance costs


Targeted Applications


- Remote villages

- Rural Hospitals , schools

- Rural Water Pumping Systems

- Military Locations and quaters

- Independent houses

- Farming Locations